Build sponsor: Axiom Custom Products Concept creator: Mikele Schnitman Inversion of perspective, a source of light for contemplation. An Immersing visual to saturate the senses. Looking forward, to the future and beyond. One is to look with his own eyes into RETINA. Our own retina is unique as a fingerprint, and each of us sees in a unique way. Retina is for saturating our gaze in a unique pattern and subtle way of light distribution, juxtaposing an eye to an eye for a tingeling sensation of sight and inner space. Interaction: Look closely and calmly into Retina, take your time, let you eyes adjust to the light. Portland, Oregon
Build sponsor: Axiom Custom Products Concept creator: Mikele Schnitman As Above So Below (“AASB”) is part of Mikele’s ‘Contemplation Tools’ art installations series. To initiate the immersive experience, step within the structure, put on the attached headphones and press the button. A sensor in the headphones is now activated. This sensor will respond to and movements of your head as you scan the environment around you, looking above and below, creating a portal to a new sensory realm bathed in sound and light. 'As above so below' By wearing the headphones and with tilts of your head, begin the immersive voyage experience within and beyond. Portland, Oregon
Build sponsor: Axiom Custom Products Concept creator: Mikele Schnitman In this interactive art installation, sensors sense the sitter's heartbeat, and produce corresponding vibrations and lights. Pickathon . Portland, Oregon.
Build sponsor: Axiom Custom Products Co-Concept creator: Mikele Schnitman A Digital fire place, People change the atmosphere. 24 person interactive light and sound Geodome. PWLF 2017
Silent drum
2015 Feel the beat. sense the rhythm. The "Silent Drum" . A tool for a deep ritual in rhythm and body intelligence. A drumming surface that translates drum hits into a heptic vibration stage. vibrating the whole body with non audible low frequency tones.
Interactive 2014 'As above so below' Sound connected to point of view. Audio, Arduino
Meta hammer
2014 Looking for origins
Push as much ....
Retina v1
Eclipse voice
2014 Sound activating visual Eclipsing. A sound proof room, One is free to be loud as possible. the room is full of bright light, yet when engaging with voice, the louder vocals, the darker it gets. Reaching full dark with ones eyes wide open and voice roaring. and back to light when quiet. The room lights up from outside when activated, inversing for viewer from outside that cannot hear the inside.
2015 A "perspective space" The ratio between the structure of space, time, and the senses. This work is connecting the presence of the audience in the works space to relation of the ethereal structure that music is based upon, then augmented in its ratios by the movement of the viewer. thus, a point of perspective is physically felt through the percption of sound and movement. (Arduino and sensors detect movement and 3d axes of the headphones to control parameters in Max/Msp programming.)
Chair in the ground
2014 Joshua tree A perspective just below the ground
Emotion in clay 2013
2014 My tier on 5' x 14" x 1/2" Steel slab
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